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The Natural Science Museum Pays Tribute to Marian Ramos, Recognizing her International Contribution

On December 11, the National Museum of Natural Sciences (MNCN) in Madrid honored the memory of Marian Ramos, a respected researcher who passed away in March. Throughout her career, Marian played a pivotal role in leading numerous national initiatives and coordinating the esteemed “Fauna Ibérica” project. She also served as a prominent ambassador for the Museum and played an integral role in its integration within several European nodes of Natural History institutions, including GIBIF and CETAF. Additionally, she made significant contributions to the SYNTHESYS project.

During the tribute ceremony held in the Assembly Hall, Celia Santos spoke eloquently about Marian’s contributions to the European research infrastructure DiSSCo, highlighting her tenure as president and vice-president of CETAF and her consequential impact on elevating the role of Spanish natural history collections at the European level.

Marian also served as President of the Scientific Committee for the development of the “List of Wild Species under Special Protection Regime and the National Catalogue of Threatened Species” under the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment. Through her groundbreaking work on the Iberian Fauna project, Marian propelled Spanish fauna research to new heights, positioning it among the most scientifically advanced countries and earning her well-deserved recognition and prestige.

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